Trailblazing fuzz-rockers WHITE HILLS premieres

Splintered Metal Sky

– The Concert –

Exclusively on SUPERNOVASECT

New York’s WHITE HILLS are the opposite of a comet. They suck up an explosion of energy on the surface of the earth; from spirituality, from adrenaline, from the history of synthesized electronic music, from substance use, from philosophy, from friends and enemies alike, from MOTHER FUCKING ELECTRICITY and they focus it into a blinding beam of energy which they reflect back out into the void and this beam is a message. It is a statement which reads: “FUCK YOU. WE ARE HERE. WE ROCK, THEREFORE WE ARE.” -John Doran, The Quietus.

Created at legendary BC Studios in Gowanus, Brooklyn with producer extraordinaire Martin Bisi on audio and Karen Nourse and Zachary Bennett at the helm of a small, masked video crew working under strict COVID19 safety protocols, the film transcends the concert experience- weaving cinematic magic with live performance to deliver a shot of adrenaline to our locked down lives.

NYC’s psych-art punks WHITE HILLS have garnered a reputation as one of the most prolific artists of their generation, composing 12 full length albums and countless Eps and special releases. Featured in Jim Jarmusch’s romantic vampire classic Only Lovers Left Alive, their latest album Splintered Metal Sky is an ode to their home, New York City, and includes collaborations with the famed filmmaker as well as Primal Scream’s Simone Marie Butler, Lebanese songstress Yasmine Hamdan and Jim Coleman from Cop Shoot Cop/Human Impact.

Splintered Metal Sky

April 22

Show times

9:00 pm Amsterdam
9:00 pm New York
9:00 pm Los Angeles
9:00 pm Sydney

Splintered Metal Sky