SNEERS. Cruel Nature Session

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Playing, according to The Wire, a gothic swampland voodoo, SNEERS. is the female-fronted music project formed by Italian singer and guitarist M.G. Blaankart and drummer Leonardo O. Stefenelli. Started in Berlin and relocated to Rome, SNEERS.’ music is a devilish and hallucinatory march into the depths of human bleakness, characterized by the emotionally overpowering narrative of Blaankart’s lyrics.

The band’s blood-filled poetry and luminous melancholia are odes to spirituality and guilt. SNEERS.’ musical exploration of heaven and hell was best documented on the band’s 2018’s studio album, “Heaven Will Rescue Us, We’re the Scum, We’re in the Sun”, with the studio collaboration of Kristof Hahn from Swans at the lap-steel guitar and released by Manchester-based label God Unknown Records.

Since its release, SNEERS. have been extensively touring Europe and UK and received praise for their live performances, bringing them to be premiered on BBC Radio 6 and hit stages such as Rough Trade East in London, with Revista Marvin defining Blaankart’s voice close to living legend Diamanda Galás. With their next tour being scheduled for Winter 2021-22 they will be presenting their new work, “Tales For Violent Days”, due to be released for God Unknown Records.


May 27

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Cruel Nature Session Live at Supernova Sect